I said your name (in progress)

En serie som hverken hænger sammen endnu, eller har en irreversibel ende. Et studie i psykiske lidelser.

I said your name. 

Work in progress. I've had this idea for a long time, to make a personal series which could grow and change, as I worked further and further with it.
I know the subject, but it isn't only about one thing, and its a very open process. Everything will hopefully make sense at some point. Or maybe it shouldn't? :-D 

Magical thinking is believing that one event happens as a result of another, without any concern for an acceptable link. 

Magical thinking is also when believing that one's thoughts by themselves, can bring effects in the world, or that thinking something corresponds with doing it. The belief can cause a person to experience fear, seemingly not rationally to an observer outside the belief system.

When one creates ones own reality, its to get away. But its almost never a beautiful place. 

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Rare condition where one may feel larger or smaller than the actual case. The room or furniture seems to shift and feel further away or closer than it really is. Straight lines may look wavy. Three-dimensional objects may look flat. Faces may look distorted.

Doctors aren't sure why some people have these unusual changes in perception. But it often starts when children are very young. AIWS involves changes to parts of your brain that deal with sensory information -- what you see and hear. These changes affect your perception of your own body and its relation to the world around you. Doctors believe AIWS might be a type of migraine aura. Auras are visual and other sensory problems some people get before or during a headache. They can cause things like flashing lights, shimmering spots, ringing in your ears, or a tingling in your hands.

Fantasy. A pleasent situation which makes you feel good thinking about, but is unlikely to happen. 

An illusion is something that appears to exist, or be a particular thing, but does not actually exist or is in reality something else. 
Why does someone create an illusion?  

Projection. A mechanism, in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities, by denying their their existence in themselves, but attributing them to others. It can incorporate blame shifting.